Q. Are there any prerequisite skill required to start the lessons?
A. No. Even if you have never worked in clay you are welcome.  You will learn the basics of hand building or wheel throwing in just a few sessions.
Q. Which is easier, hand building or wheel throwing?
A. Depend on the individual. Generally, hand building is easier. You may try both techniques then you can choose which one suits you better.
Q. What should I start with, hand building or wheel throwing?
A. We recommend you start with hand building first. Wheel throwing requires lots more practice to perfect the skill. Therefore, it is better for the student to have basic hand building skill.
Q. Can I do both, hand building and wheel throwing at the same time?
A. Yes. You can do both at the same time. We have designed a package for this. Just check it up in our Special Programmes.
Q. What can I learn in basic wheel throwing course?
A. You will learn how to prepare the clay (wedging), centering of the clay, opening, pulling technique to make a cylinder form, trimming and finishing the pieces. After a few sessions, you will start making variations on the basic cylinder, such as mugs, vases, plates & bowls.
Q. What can I learn in basic hand building course?
A. You will learn the basic techniques which consist of wedging, pinching, pressed mould, coiling, slab work and the combinations.
Q. What can I learn in Advance course?
A. Before registering for Advance course, you need to master the basic skills. Therefore, you must go through our Full On Package. Our package covers the basic and intermediate skills before proceeding to Advance Package. The advance students will be learning more functional and decorative projects such as dinnerware, lidded jars and casseroles, goblets, two-piece vases, lamps, sculpting & etc. We will also encourage you to proceed to learn glazing and firing techniques.
Q. How long will it take me to be good at hand building & wheel throwing?
A. It depends on how much you practice. Practice makes perfect! To master both hand building & wheel throwing you need a lot of practice. We have provided Practice Time Package for you to sign up. You may consider joining the studio membership.
Q. What benefits can I get from joining the studio membership ?
A. An annual fee and you will be enjoying:
  • First hand information of our promotions & events with special price.
  • Open Studio provides students and artists the ability to work on their own projects and/or to improve their skills. The open studio will always be monitored by at least one of our instructors.
  • Free usage of our equipment, pottery wheel, tools, roller, etc.
  • Great reference materials in our library.
  • Free internet access.
  • 10% discount on materials, glazing and firings costs.

To qualify for open studio, basic pottery skill level is required. You have to finish at least one Full One Package or by a series of Start Up Package.

You may just come and meet our pottery enthusiasts to share ideas and projects.

Note that we used cone 6 stoneware. If you prefer to use different clays or firings, further discussion is required to make sure you understand the restrictions.

Q. Are the glaze color toxic?
A. No. the glazes we use are free of lead and non toxic.
Q. Can I use the item I make?
A. Yes, it safe to eat or drink from your ceramic pieces and also it is microwave safe.
Q. How long will it take for the finish product to be ready for collection?
A. It will take about a month to two since the product need to going through drying process, glazing and two firings. Normally, bigger items take longer time as they take a longer time to dry.
Q. Are there any age requirement to join the classes?
A. No age restrictions, our customers’ age range from four years till eighty years old.
Q. Do we need to wait for our children to finish their class?
A. You can leave them and come back once they finished the class or you can wait at our comfortable waiting area. Our waiting area connected with WIFI with a well equipped library and it is fully aircond. We have places to park your strollers and wheel chairs as well.